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Affordable, professional and release-ready mixes and masters for any artist that wants their music to stand out from the rest.
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Each stem is uniquely processed and balanced in the mix. Achieving a smooth, controlled and precise mix optimised for mastering. Julian can also help by adding his arrangement and productions skills if required.

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Need to get your tracks to the right label, A&R or Music Publisher?

Julian can help you get your tracks off to the right people. Using his 28 year career network to find you the right A&R, Label or Music Publisher for your needs.

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Logic Pro X
Apollo Twin sound card
UAD Plug-ins
Slate Digital Plug-ins
Moog One
Hydro Synth
Roland V Drums
Roli Seaboard
audient asp880
Korg Minilogue
Sub Pac
Moog sub 37
Roland System 8
Bettermaker Mastering Equaliser
Bettermaker Mastering Compressor
Bettermaker Darth Limiter
The Swift 2 value channel equaliser
White Stone P331
Maschine MK3
White Stone P331
Behringer RD 9
Ex Machina Pulsar Monitors

Latest New Equipment

Neve 542, SSL Fusion, Tube Core 500 Compressor, SPL Big, The Ultra Vulture, API 5500
Gainlab Empress, Magg EQ4 M, Roland Handsonic percussion unit, RD9 909 Clone, SSL UC1

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